Capital One - Maintaining Credit

Staying Out of Trouble. Text Version

To stay in the good graces of your credit card company, all you have to do is stay in control. Follow these simple steps and that's just what you'll do.

  • Control your limit: As your credit improves, your lenders will likely offer to increase your credit limit. If you're not comfortable with that, you can tell them to just keep it the same.
  • Be responsible: Spend within your limit, make your payments on time and avoid those impulse buys. If your credit behaviour is good, lenders will know it. On the other hand, lenders will also be made aware of any negative credit behaviour such as late or missed payments.
  • Go online: Sign up for online banking with your credit card lender. If you're concerned you're near your limit, log in to your account and see how much credit you've got left. If you want to have more credit available to you, pay more than the minimum required before the due date on your statement.